Leadership & Human Resources:


The strategic direction of Telesat International is set by a five (5) Member Board of Directors. Under the BoD is the Executive Management headed by the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O). The C.E.O is overseeing five (5) Operational Departments.

Human Resources:

The hall-mark of Consultancy and Training delivery is highly trained Human Resources and Organizational Capital. The present human resource capacity at Telesat International is as follows;

  • Permanent Staff 8 Persons (managing day to day office work)
  • Part Time Staff 7 Persons (Trainers)
  • Seasoned Trainers             15 Persons (stand-by Trainers deployed on specific assignments)
  • Hire – on – Demand support 10 Persons

Career Profile: The Chief Executive Officer:

Maalik Fahd Kayondo is the C.E.O/ Lead Investment Advisor/ Trainer:

Maalik Fahd Kayondo is a graduate of Manufacturing Engineering, has 10 years of dedicated Industrial Research, Consultancy and Training. Maalik has provided similar services to a range of organizations including UNESCO, UN-Habitat, Office of the Vice President of Uganda, The Ministry of Education & Sports, International Rescue Committee (IRC), Kampala Rotary Club, projects sponsored by Private Sector Foundation Uganda, Local Governments etc.

Maalik pioneered the INTRODUCTION of Non Formal Alternative Vocational Skills Training in Uganda and has been at the fore front promoting MSMEs. The development has led to birth of thousands of cottage industries in Uganda and neighboring countries producing products such as; Candles, School Chalk, Bar Soap, Liquid soap, Adhesives, Confectionary products etc.

Among others, Maalik is;

  • United Nations Global Accelerator 2014
  • Certified Packaging Design & Development Consultant – International Trade Centre (ITC) – Switzerland.
  • Unreasonable East Africa Fellow 2014
  • Vice President – Bead For Life (American 503C Org)
  • Organizing Secretary – (KACITA-Uganda)
  • Metrology Standards Tech Committee Member – Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS)
  • National Tech Committee Member – National Committee on Food Fortification (Ministry of Health)
  • Investment Director – Al Hasanah (U) Ltd
  • Board Member – Herbzalive East Africa Ltd
  • Board Member – Buddo Parents Academy
  • Certified Mentor – TechnoServe
  • Business Development Representative – Amatrol Inc (USA)
  • Manufacturer – Bio -Digester Plus and Clear Face Products (Organic Cream/ Soap & Oil)

Maalik is a qualified Consultant/ Trainer is areas of;

  • Packaging Design & Development,
  • MSME Management,
  • Small Business Research,
  • MSME Strategic Planning & Development,
  • Small Business Management & Development,
  • Product Development & Quality Control,
  • Quality Control Management,
  • Industrial Waste Management,
  • Industrial Waste Water Management and Water Purification Technology, Industrial Design Engineering and Industrial Formulations & Processes.

Juma Teko – HR/ Finance & Administration Manager/ Trainer:

Teko is currently the lead Trainer – Business Development Skills while at the same time he is the Finance & Administration Manager. He is energized with over seven years experience in Training and Research in the areas of Financial Management, Marketing, Banking, Entrepreneurship and International Business in both the public and private sectors.

Apart from being a Managing Partner in Telesat International, he is also a Lecturer at Makerere University Business School. He has provided consultancy/ training services to a number of organizations including Chempure Technologies – India, Bead for Life (USA), International Islamic Charitable Organisation (IICO), UNAPD and KASHAP Consultants.

Dr. Kalema Kiweewa (PhD) – Manager ICT & Applied Technology:

Dr. Kalema the Head of Information Tech & Information Systems Department is also a Director and Co-Founder of Telesat International. He comes with a wealth of experience acquired in the course of PhD research, lecturing at a number of universities including; University of Technology Malaysia, University of the Witwatersrand-South Africa, Kyoto University-Japan, – RSA American University in Cairo, Highlands North Institute – RSA, Makerere University and Makerere University Business School.

Mr. Sula Kibira – Manager R&D/ Environment & Renewable Energies:

SulaKibira: He holds a MSc in Environment and GIS at Wageningeni Agricultural University in the Netherlands, qualified Natural Resources Management specialist with vast experience in Project Management as well as marketing environment products.

Mr. Jamil Kusiima – Manager: Research & Development:

Jamil holds a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering. Jamil is focused on environmental impact valuation studies, sustainability, life cycle assessment, and environmental risk assessment. Helps businesses to develop and implement sound environmental sustainability plans in strategic areas of: energy efficiency, materials use and waste management as well as health and safety of employees and the community in which they conduct business.

Ms. Halima Sengooba – Country Manager – Telesat Int Burundi :

Halima is a graduate of Information Technology but now a highly trained trainer in areas of micro, small and medium scale enterprises. She has helped kick-start many micro and small scale projects in Burundi. She is the person you can trust to guide you on project selection, start – up and management. Currently she is the Country Manager, Telesat International – Burundi

Irene Kayaga Ndagire: Corporate Affairs Manager/ Trainer

Irene holds a Master of Arts in Ethics and Public Management. She is a wonderful Trainer especially dealing with business start – ups. She has worked with many successful start – ups and presided over many trainings organized by institutions such as; UN-Habitat, International Rescue Committee, Kampala Rotary Club etc.

Hanifah Nakitto Kasule: Business Development Manager/ R&D

Hanifah holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) – Accounting. A part from being the Business Development Manager, she also manages the R&D portfolio.

We can provide detailed information about our leadership and human resources on request.