What We Do

TELESAT INTERNATIONAL provides market information, business development services and hands-on skills training that enables unemployed East African youth and women to start and manage small scale ventures through which they can produce market demand driven goods and services.

Telesat International is a nonprofit organization providing her services without limits as in gender or education background.   

We currently have 250 skills packages drawn from areas including; Manufacturing, Agriculture, Agro Processing, Trade, Soft Mechanics/ Electronics, IT and Service Sector jobs.

Focus Areas:

We have gone a long way addressing Youth and Women unemployment by;

  1. Creating awareness about existing affordable opportunities
  2. Providing sensitization, hands-on skills training and post training assistance
  3. Facilitating access to project in-puts and markets

Whatever your need:

  • Re-investment Opportunities?
  • Tired of Get-Rich Schemes which do not work?
  • Self-employment opportunities or generating side-income?
  • Opportunities in Farming/ Agriculture or Agro – Processing?
  • Business growth management?
  • Safe investment opportunities?

TELESAT INTERNATIONAL provides a proven practical model.

1ziziaOur Trainees only produce products and services that have a demand within their communities. Such products include; School Chalk, Spices, Essential Oils, Soaps & Detergents, Candles, Adhesives, Poultry, Aquaculture, Charcoal Briquettes, Juices etc

We have many youth engaged in technical projects such as; servicing Cell Phones, Motor Bikes, Fridges, Air Conditioners, refilling Printer Cartridges, rewinding Industrial Motors, Metal Fabrication, Computer Graphic Designing, Video/ Audio Editing etc.


STEP 1: Mobilization: – Where necessary, we mobilize the masses using the media (Radio Talk Shows), field visits etc. At times we get invitations to speak to different audiences e.g. Church, Mosques, Women Groups, Youth Groups etc.

STEP 2: Sensitization: – we provide market information by enhancing awareness about available opportunities in a given area, then providing guidance on project selection in consideration of the available resources.

STEP 3: Training: – We provide hands – on skills training. The package consists of Financial Literacy and the project specific hands-on skills i.e. skills for developing a particular product/ service.

STEP 4. Project Requirements: – We do facilitate access to all project requirements and markets.

STEP 5. Post Training Assistance: – We provide post training assistance to all our trainees. This can include; assistance on Company Registration, Product Quality Certification, Packaging, Branding and Trace-ability etc.

Though our main focus initially was the Youth, 45% of the Trainees so far have been East Africans aged 35 years and above.

Sustainability: Because we have no sponsor for our program activities, since 2006 our programs have entirely been sustaining on revenue generated from a small fee we charge from program participants and also to a certain extent supplying some Industrial Chemicals/ materials and Machinery/ Equipment.


Youth DemoAt 3.2% pa, Uganda has the world’s fastest growing population and the youngest with 77% of the 34.7m people below 30 years. With the highest dependency ratio in Africa (1:1) and a per capita income equivalent to 3% of the world’s average, Uganda is also faced with Youth unemployment at 62% according to a latest report by Plan International Uganda. Telesat International’s strategic intervention is through skilling.

With 300 million people in sub-Saharan Africa aged 10 to 24, fear is rife that the figure will rise to about 561 million by 2050 thus maintaining Africa’s lead in hosting the highest concentration of young people anywhere on the planet.

Of the world’s 1.2 billion people aged 15 to 24 years; 200 million are in Africa and of them, 40m are completely out of work, 18 are looking for jobs, 22m have already given up and 53m are into unstable employment. Faced by economic uncertainty and lack of opportunity, the Youth are viewed as possible agents of social unrest and a potentially lost generation.

Please join us, any support you can make can go a long way to make positive difference.

You can join us as a; Trainee, Volunteer, Sponsor or Partner

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