• Pelo Herbal Hair Oil

    Pelo Precioso

    Herbal Hair Oil

    Pelo Oil promotes Health Hair Growth and Darkening automatically clearing Grey Hair (Envi) and Baldness(Ekiwalaata). Organic Pelo Precioso Oil helps get... Read more »

  • Clear Face Products

    Clear Face Cream is an Organic Product made from natural ingredients including Shea Butter and essential oils which are rich in Omega 9, Nigella Sativa, Polyphenols, Vitamin A, E,... Read more »

  • Bio-Digester Plus

    Bio-Digester Plus clears sludge, stinking smells in Pit Latrines and Septic Systems.

    Bio – Digester Plus is a multi-culture, aerobic dual purpose preparation available

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  • Mukisa Blue Vanish

    Mukisa Blue Varnish (MBV) is a product of Telesat International.

    Research that gave birth to MBV was commissioned by Bead For Life in a search for a

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  • Combo Ash

    This is a natural powder product used in the clarification of Sugar. The product is used by our trainees who are making organic cane sugar at micro small.

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  • Mosquito Repellent

    Uganda has the third highest deaths from malaria in Africa and some of the highest recorded malaria transmission

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  • Eden Vegs – Body System Cleanser

    Cleansing Body Organs!

    With Eden Vegs, you can now take your breath.

    It is all

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