Updated: September 10, 2014

Our model is self-sustaining, but we are being affected by the fact that we started informally with no enough resources in place. As a result, we have failed to put in place the required training infrastructure, we have year after year been improvising.

Because we are serving mostly low income earners and unemployed youth, there is a limit on what they can afford to pay for the services.

We have started a drive to raise money to help us to acquire a new spacious facility with all required training machinery/ equipment. Once we have this is place, we shall be able to scale up our operations, reaching 78,450 persons by 2019 and using the facility to replicate the model in 5 other countries within the same time. There are many ways you can help

1. You can DONATE to us whatever is within your means

2. You can introduce us to a source of financing

3. You can spread the word

You can donate to us any industrial Machinery/ equipment (used/ new).

We are finalizing payment options with PayPal and Credit Cards. Please contact us to avail you with available options