Annual Events

We have a range of Annual Programs but the most outstanding three include;

  1. Youth Innovation Platform (formerly Youth Industrial Camp)
  2. Students’ Cottage Industrial Skills Empowerment Program
  3. Entrepreneurship Opportunities Expo


Youth Innovation Platform (YIP)

slideshow4YIP is a one week Youth Program which takes place every year in January. It is basically intended for Secondary School/ University Students and unemployed Graduates.

The program is intended to;

  • Enhance youth awareness the role of non formal alternative vocational skills in creation of sustainable employment opportunities.
  • Equipping the Youth with some hands-on skills for selected projects drawn from sectors including; Manufacturing, Agriculture, Agro Processing, Mechanics, Mechatronis, Engineering, Trade etc.
  • Empowering program participants with some leadership skills and guiding them to uncover and polish their talents

Our next YIC will take place from Monday 03rd to Saturday 08th January 2016. Each day will be running from 09:00 am to 03:00 pm.

Registration begins 01st December and closes 31st December 2015.

Participation Fees:

  • Students: Uganda Shillings One Hundred Thousand (UgX 100,000.00)
  • Non Students: Uganda shillings One Hundred Fifty Thousand shillings only (UgX 150,000.00)

Venue: Telesat International, Burton Street, Platinum House, 2nd Floor


Career Pathways Agenda:

1fsiaCPA program is a career guidance platform designed for High Schools to help students acquire valid career market information and a better understanding of vocational and non formal alternative vocational opportunities.

The program changes students’ mindsets, prepares them for the world of work and guides them to make informed career choices. We really change students’ attitude towards work, we make them appreciate the value of economic independence and show them how to achieve it. At the end of the day, we are moulding these youth to be part of the country’s movers and shakers.


You can book now to have us come to your school or bring your students’ to our centre. The Program runs from June 01st and closes on 15th of August each School Calendar Year. A school can book a day or days within that program calendar.


Entrepreneurship Opportunities Expo (EOE):

1ziziaEOE is a platform for promoting Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Uganda. This annual program is designed to address;

  • Unemployment
  • Underemployment and
  • Enhancing Uganda’s domestic industrialization potential.

In each EOE event, 300 locally sustainable Entrepreneurship Opportunities are unveiled with a core objective of promoting Cottage Industrialization as a sustainable solution to eradication of extreme household poverty. EOE is a 3 day event which has the following unique activities;

Exhibition of 300 productive small scale project profiles with emphasis on projects which can be started with a capital ranging between USD 200.00 and USD 50,000.00

  1. Consultants: We shall have on-spot Consultants providing information about the micro and small scale projects.
  2. Homemade products: We shall have an exhibition of assorted homemade products.
  3. Machinery/ Equipment. Exhibition of an assortment of small scale processing machinery/ equipment.
  4. Live Demos. A number of products will be processed and produced live before the audience.
  5. Presentations: We shall be running industry particular presentations detailing opportunities and potential in a specific industrial trades

EOE Event Venues & Dates: The schedules shall be communicated